On 17th April 2020 Beta Alpha Psi - Xi Kappa held its FIRST ever Regional Conference for Oceania region where active participation from all the chapters and Alumni members were seen. All the chapters shared their views about how they are helping their members cope during these difficult times where some of the ideas included workshops to develop workforce skills in university students, problem solving workshops, personal level interactions with members, design thinking workshops and online trivia nights. There were some fantastic sessions like Resilience and Leadership through radical times by Anna Cooshna from Deloitte, Futuring of the BAP chapters in Oceania held by Frederick Ng and Alumni Panel session who interacted with the members. 



BAP Deakin hosts its first ever ideathon on 14th May with Josh Farr, founder of Campus Consultancy. The event was conducted remotely and covered the steps to tackle social problems in the community. The ideathon saw students present creative solutions in organised actionable steps. Josh Farr helped carve their ideas into practical proposals that can be implemented in the curret scenario.



One of the most exciting things that we get to do is engage with new students and learn about their experiences and find out what made them choose Deakin University.We have had a large turn out of people who gave us the opportunity to introduce Beta Alpha Psi to them and have since signed up with us! 



Mr Victor John Perton also known as "That Optimism Man" held a professional and personal skill development seminar on Optimism. He is a former parliamentarian in the Australian state of Victoria, and formerly the Victorian Government's Commissioner to the Americas, based in San Francisco. The seminar focused on implementation of optimism in every aspect of life. He discussed about the evidence proving optimistic thinking as a key to achieve good results and how students can also achieve their goals by being optimistic. The take away from the seminar was about learning the benefits of being optimistic and how global leaders use infectious optimism as a key trait for their success.


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On February 10th, BAP Deakin hosted a Professional Development evening with panelists Daniel Nguyen and Chiharu Nanayakkara. The event brought together people from diverse backgrounds to share learnings from their professional development experiences. The panelists shared their practices that landed them with opportunities within their field of interest.