Meet The Team

Hemang Hindocha


Beta Alpha Psi provides the kind of exposure students need to pursue their career path. As a student of Business Analytics at Deakin, I learnt about various career stories of individuals who have been in diverse roles. Upskilling, networking, ethical practice and social impact are the focus points of the events conducted. The goal is to enable as many students with a variety of events, workshops and industry professionals to help them on their journey. It is an honour to be a part of a global society and to benefit from its established and supportive network.

Shilpa Rajan

Vice President

Moving into a completely new country with no familiar faces, I had decided that I need to put in the effort to connect with like-minded people. When I heard about BAP during the orientation week at Deakin, it was a chance to create my own network of professionals who were all under the same roof. What motivated me to join this honour society was professional, however I have made some wonderful friends in the process that have enriched my life and made this time at Deakin more enjoyable.

Rhea Sinha


I’m a Commerce/Law student actively striving to ameliorate my skills and give back to the community. Learning theory in lectures rooms is so different to actually applying those skills in the workplace. BAP has given me the space to be able to volunteer and open up conversations that lead amazing students to amazing careers. 

I love keeping organised and making everyone’s lives easier. My role as a secretary intersects with the money management side where I budget BAP events, efficiently investing in our future. I analyse financial data to help our team interpret it better, so that our society can track our money and time. I’m a fan of the saying “Budgets tell your money where to go so that you don’t wonder where it all went”. 

As a treasurer and a secretary, I want to implement sustainable budgeting to continue BAP Xi Kappa chapter’s best practices and go beyond association goals.

Larrie Barthelot

Marketing And Events Director

BAP has given me an excellent platform to engage and network with peers, faculty and professionals from the industry. I’m a Master of Business Analytics student at Deakin University. Having completed my bachelor’s degree in Business Management from University College Dublin, I aspire to take forward my professional experience in the logistics industry and create an impact in global supply chains with the help of knowledge gained through Postgraduate studies. I also volunteer as a student mentor at Deakin, helping new students to transition into studies and university life in a different culture. As a Marketing and Events Director, I wish to bring forth my professional experience to promote and grow the BAP - Xi Kappa chapter, thereby helping to achieve its vision and goals.

Brahmjot Singh

Membership Director

Beta Alpha Psi has a lot to offer. This is where you put your skills into some real work and increase the scope of your abilities. Being associated with BAP provides the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional. There are provisions for competition and collaboration, personal development and social contribution. I am in for the challenges and invaluable experience in various aspects. Thus enabling me to be in a position where I have the highest standards to offer as an individual.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Wendy Webber

Co-Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jenny Hurley

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